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Index of Annex Bulletins Published in 1999 To-date



Main Headline

01 01/01/99

To Up Over from Down Under

IT Industry

02 01/22/99

Up on Rumors, Down on Facts

IBM Financial

03 01/29/99

Cap Gemini: Soaring Profits, Revenues...

IT Services

04 02/04/99

EDS: Growth Slows, Equity Grows

IT Services

05 02/17/99 Compaq's Rockwell Modems May Rock Well, But That's About All They Do Well


06 02/18/99 Dell: Easy Come, Easy Go


07 02/22/99 Amdahl: The New Phoenix


08 03/08/99 Dell-IBM: King and Prince of "Fluff"

IT Industry

09 03/09/99

Andersen Consulting: Good Growth, But No Cigar

IT Services

10 03/11/99 More, Cheaper Service Jobs in the U.S.


11 03/18/99 What's a Trill Here, a Trill There?


12 04/09/99 Armonk's Fudge Factory

IBM Financial

13 05/20/99 War Is Great. Peace Sucks. Long Live NATO!


14 05/21/99 IBM Global Services' Profits, Productivity Surge

IBM Services

15 05/23/99

CSC: Strong End to a Good Year

IT Services

16 05/25/99

1998 IT Services Hexathlon

IT Services

17 05/28/99

ICC: More Armonk "Fudge"


18 06/18/99

Cap Gemini: A "French Microsoft?"

IT Services

19 06/23/99

A Nation of Producers Becomes a Nation of Gamblers


20 06/26/99

EDS on the Mend

IT Services

21 06/28/99

Lou's Lair vs. Bill's Loft - Insider trading and executive compensation

IBM vs. Microsoft

22 07/02/99

Microsoft Eclipses IBM, Again!


23 07/13/99

Death of The Corporation


24 07/19/99

A Strong Quarter, But...

IBM Financial

25 07/21/99

A Big Blue Requiem? (Annex Research Annual Update to 5-year IBM Forecast)

IBM Financial

26 07/28/99

IBM's Best Years Are 3-4 Decades Behind - A Historical Perspective

IBM Financial

27 07/30/99

EDS: New Sales Booming (in 2Q99)

IT Services

28 08/10/99

Gerstner Dumps $40.9M of IBM Stock; Seems to Agree Best Years Are Behind

IBM Financial

29 08/20/99

A "Flash-in-a-Pan" Perot

IT Services

30 09/10/99

ICC: Income Boosted by Sale of IBM "Backbone"


31 09/21/99

Fujitsu: Another "Red Ink" Year

Japanese Cos.

32 10/21/99

Big Blue Sings Y2K Blues

IBM Financial

33 10/30/99

EDS: Earnings Down, Stock Up

IT Services

34 11/12/99

CSC: No Buybacks, No Kickbacks

IT Services

35 12/06/99

Buy Back Stock or Else!

IT Industry

36 12/30/99

Death of the City, Too?


TOTALS IN 1999:  249 pages; 87 tables; 195 charts/images

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