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Index of Annex Bulletins Published in 2000 To-date



Main Headline

01 01/01/2000

The Bug That Didn't Bite (Y2K)

Industry Trends

02 01/10/2000

EDS' "e-Price Club" Expands

IT Services

03 01/12/2000

All Signs Point South - II


04 01/20/2000

Excerpt from "Slam Dunk of Bunk" (IBM 4Q99)

IBM Financial

05 02/01/2000

Excerpt from "A Cleaner, Neater World?  Hardly. Deadlier, for Sure" (Global Investment Analysis)

Global Affairs
06 02/04/2000

A Real 4Q Slam Dunk! (EDS 4Q99)

IT Services

07 02/29/2000

Solid Growth Again, But... (CSC 3Q, CIO survey) 

IT Services

08 03/10/2000

Wimpy 1999 Growth (Cap Gemini's preliminary 1999 results; Also, EDS duped over NATO) 

IT Services

09 03/17/2000

Andersen Consulting Limps Out of 1999 (Analysis of 1999 business results) 

IT Services

10 04/06/2000

IGS: IBM's Only Star (Analysis of IBM 1999 Annual Report and IGS' business results) 

IT Services

11 04/17/2000

IBM Global Services: The 1999 Champion! (Annex Research's 1999 Heptathlon results) 

IT Services

12 04/20/2000

Waiting for Godot (Analysis of IBM's 1Q2K business results) 

IBM Financial

13 05/10/2000

No Y2K Bug Bites at CSC (Analysis of CSC's FY00 business results) 

IT Services

14 05/25/2000

Profits Up, New Sales Down (Analysis of ICC's 1999 business results) 


15 06/01/2000

Stagnant Revenues, Declining Profits (Annex Research - 5-Year Forecast for IBM) 

IBM Financial

16 06/15/2000

Fortune's Turn About Face 

IBM Financial

17 07/18/2000

Microsoft's Growth Slows (Analysis of the  FY00 business results) 


18 07/19/2000

IBM: Smoke and Mirrors Galore  (Analysis of second quarter business results) 

IBM Financial

19 07/28/2000

EDS: New Sales Soar, Revenue Slows  (Analysis of second quarter business results) 

IT Services

20 09/08/2000

ICC: Sharp Drop in New Sales  (Analysis of first half 2000 business results) 


21 09/15/2000

Britain Runs on Empty, plus The Olympics: A Globalist Fest of Brawn of Brains  

Global Affairs

22 10/10/2000

EDS Takes Over U.S. Navy  

IT Services

23 10/18/2000

IBM Stock Gets Trashed! (Analysis of IBM's 3Q00  business results) 

IBM Financial

24 10/26/2000

Ma Bell's Broken Heart (Analysis of the AT&T break-up plan) 

Industry Trends

25 11/02/2000

IBM Breakup Revisited: What's IBM Really Worth Today?   

Industry Trends

27 11/03/2000

Business Is Humming Nicely (Analysis of EDS, CSC third quarter results) 

IT Services


IBM Stock Plummets  (Forbes on IBM - Annex Newsflash 2000-01) 

IBM Financial


IBM: Sticking to Its Guns  (New York Times on IBM - Annex Newsflash 2000-02) 

IBM Financial

27 12/01/2000

U.S. Economy: Looming Bust after Loony Boom 

Global Trends

28 12/23/2000

ICC: Revenues Up, New Business Down


TOTALS IN 1999:  249 pages; 87 tables; 195 charts/images

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