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Index of Annex Bulletins Published in 2001



Main Headline

01 01/05/2001

Annex Bulletin on Bulletins: IT Services Topics Dominate Industry Coverage 2000

Industry Trends

02 01/16/2001

"Robber Baron" Era Is Back - analysis of global investment trends

Global Trends

03 01/19/2001

IBM Ends Year with a Bang - analysis of IBM's fourth quarter business results

IBM Financial

04 02/07/2001

EDS Delivers on Its Promises  - analysis of the EDS fourth quarter business results

IT Services

05 02/15/2001

IBM: In a League of Its Own - an excerpt from our analysis of IBM's historical results

IBM Financial

06 03/16/2001

Solid Growth after Merger - analysis of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's 2000 results

IT Services

07 03/26/2001

CSC Hits a Big Bump! - analysis of Computer Sciences Corp's calendar 2000 results

IT Services

08 04/10/2001

Accenture Accents 2000 - analysis of Accenture's calendar 2000 results

IT Services

09 04/16/2001

IGS Growth Slows to a Trickle  - analysis of IBM Global Services' 2000 results

IT Services

10 04/20/2001

IBM Boosts Stockmarket - analysis of IBM first quarter 2001 results

IBM Financial

11 05/11/2001

Accenture Regains Gold - Annex Research's 2000 IT Services Global Heptathlon

IT Services

12 06/11/2001

ICC: New Financing, Profit Down - analysis of ICC's 2000 business results


13 06/19/2001

IBM 5-yr Forecast: An Unenviable Legacy - an Annex Research analysis and forecast 

IBM Financial

14 07/09/2001

ICC Financing Up, But... - analysis of IBM Credit Corp.'s first quarter business results 


15 07/19/2001

IBM Smoke and Mirrors Galore II - analysis of IBM second quarter business results 

IBM Financial

16 07/26/2001

EDS Gaining Ground on IBM - analysis of EDS second quarter business results 

IT Services


Two Losers Don't Make a Winner - an Annex Newsflash analysis of HP-Compaq deal

IT Industry

17 09/11/2001

Fujitsu: From Piety to Pity - an excerpt from our analysis of Fujitsu's FY2001 business results 

Japanese Cos.

18 09/26/2001

End of Folly, Not of World - an analysis of the stockmarket reaction to Sep. 11 terrorist attacks 

Global Trends

19 10/16/2001

IBM: It Could Have Been Worse... - an analysis IBM's third quarter business results 

IBM Financial

20 10/25/2001

EDS on a Roll... - an analysis EDS's third quarter business results 

IT Services

TOTALS IN 2000:  220 pages; 63 tables; 183 charts

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