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Analysis of Fujitsu's First Quarter Business Results 

Loss Reversed, Forecast Upgraded

First Half Loss to Narrow Due to Overseas Business Growth; First Quarter Profit Reverses Loss from Year Ago

NEW YORK, July 27 - Japan's largest computer company issued today an upgrade to its earnings forecast for the first half of its current 2005 fiscal year, saying it expected the loss to narrow from 30 billion Yen to 15 billion Yen.  The stock market welcomed the news by pushing Fujitsu shares up 7 yen to 605 Yen.

One day later (July 28 in Tokyo, July 27 in North America), Fujitsu released its first quarter FY05 results, buoying the market into an even great jump (up 25 yen).  Both revenues and profits increased in the first quarter, the latter reversing the loss from the same period a year ago.  

The two back-to-back Fujitsu announcements helped reverse a declining stock market trend for the stock that peaked in mid-April, following the release of Fujitsu's year-end results (see "Revenues Flat, Lower Net," Apr 2005).  Investors are beginning to realize the company seems to be back on track and may be poised for another growth year.

"Posting operating and net profits in the first quarter - traditionally a weak quarter for us - is a significant milestone, and I'm especially pleased to see our solutions/systems integration business back on track," said Fujitsu Limited president Hiroaki Kurokawa in a statement. 

There profitability of the company's solutions/systems integration business, traditionally a pillar of its earnings but plagued by projects with deteriorating profitability in recent years, was especially heartening.  But other Fujitsu units also performed well in the quarter.

"Almost all of our business units met or exceeded targets for the quarter, and we now need to continue this momentum to deliver strong performance this fiscal year," Kurokawa added.

Fujitsu's consolidated revenues of 1,026.3 billion yen (approximately $9.2 billion) for the first quarter of fiscal 2006 (Apr 1, 2005 - June 30, 2005) represented an increase of 1.8% over the first quarter a year ago.  The company said strong sales of 3G mobile phone base stations and mobile phones in Japan, optical transmission systems and hard disk drives in North America helped to offset lower sales of LSI devices for consumer electronics products.

Consolidated operating income rebounded to 14.8 billion yen ($133
million), an increase of 19.1 billion yen over the first-quarter loss last year.  It was the first time Fujitsu has reported a first quarter operating profit since the company began reporting quarterly earnings in fiscal 2000. 

The company posted first quarter net income of 2.4 billion yen ($23 million), an improvement of 14.3 billion yen over the net loss recorded in the first quarter a year ago.  A gain on the settlement of HDD-related litigation contributed to this result.

Business Segment Results

Net sales in the Technology Solutions segment rose 9.9% over the
same period in fiscal 2004 to 613.4 billion yen ($5,5 billion). Excluding the impact of the change in accounting policies, the increase was 2.1%. 

In the System Platforms segment, higher overseas sales of UNIX servers and optical transmission systems, along with growth in 3G mobile base station sales in Japan, led to an 8.9% improvement.  Meanwhile, the Services revenues increased by 10.2%.  

Overall, the segment recorded operating income for the quarter of 7.3 billion yen (US$66 million), a major increase of 24.2 billion yen over the money-losing quarter last year. This included increases of 3.6 billion yen in System Platforms and 20.5 billion yen in Services. 

Business Outlook

As a result, Fujitsu revised upward its forecast for the first half of fiscal 2005 (the period from Apr 1 to Sep 30, 2005).  The company now forecasts a narrowing of its projected first-half net loss by 15.0 billion yen ($134 million).  A projected improvement in operating income, favorable foreign currency transaction gains from the weaker yen, a projected increase in dividends from subsidiaries, and the gain on settlement of litigation relating to hard disk drives, were cited as reasons.

But the recovery in IT spending in Japan has been patchy at best, the company also said, and such investment has yet to regain its former strength.  As a result, Fujitsu is leaving its initial full-year earnings forecast unchanged.  This means a revenue increase of 1.8% to 4,850 billion yen ($43 billion at current rates), and a corresponding net profit surge of 57% (in yen) to 50 billion yen ($446 million at current rates).

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